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Unofficial minutes

The West Kingman County Board of Education meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, by President Scott DeWeese.  Those present included President, Scott DeWeese; Vice-president, Renee Ruckle; Members, Brent Hansen, Amber Panek, Karl Werner; Superintendent, Glen Davis; Assistant Superintendent, David Schmitt, High School Principal, Bob Stackhouse; Grade School Principal, Kirsten Blankenship; Clerk, Jeanette Soukup; and guest, Steele Ward.
The agenda was approved, adding VII. New Business, Item f.  Approval of Site Council members, and Item g. Resolution 2013-013.  The board also approved the minutes of August 6, 2012, the payment of bills and the financial reports.
Superintendent Glen Davis reported that he approved change orders to the concession stand remodel, including replacing all the floor tiles, tile the west wall, and ceiling repairs.
Dr. Davis shared results of last year’s ACT test scores.  Overall average results indicate that Cunningham students scored three (3) points above the state average composite scores and he attributes that to a solid, consistent, core curriculum and dedicated teachers.
Dr. Davis reported that there was vandalism to two school vehicles last month and repairs have been made.  Also, another vehicle was backed into while it was parked.
Assistant Superintendent David Schmidt reported that the district is off to a good start for the new year.  He will encourage the use of technology in the classroom this year and feels the staff will transition to Common Core easily.  He is impressed with the teaching staff and is enjoying working with everyone.
Steve McKennon was not in attendance, so Dr. Davis reported on the South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative board meeting and minutes of that meeting were distributed.
Principal Stackhouse reviewed his written report.  Current enrollment at the high school totals 58 and there are 135 students grades Pre-K through 8th grade.  There will be five Cunningham High School students inducted into the National Honor Society on September 17.  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on September 24.  The German exchange students will be in the district from September 27 through November 10.
Principal Blankenship reviewed her written report.  There are several teachers taking advantage of professional learning and will attend workshops for Writing and Common Core and iPad training.  MTSS is being implemented at CGS for grades K-5 in reading.  K-5 teachers will also attend in-house training with Mrs. Westerman for Aimsweb to assist with Title I learning.

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The board voted to hire Martha Hellar as at-risk paraprofessional.  Other actions taken by the board included the authorization to advertise the sale of surplus vans and buses with the authorization to accept or reject any or all bids, to purchase a district video surveillance system from Sound Products, and to approve the football field lease agreement with the City of Cunningham.
The following community members were approved for the site councils for 2012-2013:
Grade School Site Council: Bob Stackhouse, Linda Kerschen, Phil Theis, Heidi McKennon, Kristen Wegerer, Angela Murphy, Erin Strohl, Leann McNerny, Janet DeWeese, Renee Ruckle and Karon Ferguson
High School Site Council: Bob Stackhouse, John Huffman, Phil Theis, Julie Huhman, Linda Chambers, Shawna Sterneker, Erin Strohl, Leann McNerny, Janet DeWeese, Renee Ruckle, Kelsey Ricke and Karon Ferguson
Resolution 2013-013 to Establish Depository was approved.  This resolution changes the list of authorized signers for the USD #332 Petty Cash Account, Cunningham Schools Petty Cash Account, and Cunningham Schools Activity Fund.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:53 p.m.  The next regular meeting of the West Kingman County Unified School District No. 332 Board of Education will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 1, 2012, in the District Office.

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