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On April 25, 2012, the South Central District Air Quality Representative for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment conducted the annual inspection of the tree and brush disposal site southeast of Cunningham.  At the time of the inspection, the site was in compliance with the Kansas Open Burning Regulations.
KDHE Air Quality Representative, David Butler, stated in his letter notifying the City of the results of the inspection:  “Let us remind you that you may only burn trees and brush at your burn site.  You may not use the site to burn rubber, plastic, or other heavy smoke-producing materials.”  At the end of the letter, Butler added, “If the Department should observe open burning of waste materials in violation of the Kansas Open Burning Regulations, the Department my revoke your permit and initiate appropriate actions.”
City of Cunningham employees inspect the burn site almost daily for items that might violate the City’s permit with KDHE.  Remember, only brush and tree limbs may be disposed of at the site as stated in the KDHE letter.  All other trash, including demolition materials, are not allowed.  The burn site will be locked without notice if city employees find items that violate the burning permit at the site.  If the site is locked, keys will be available at City Hall.

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