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Unofficial Minutes – May 21, 2012
The Cunningham City Council met Monday, May 21, 2012, at City Hall.
Present: Roberta Kobbe, mayor. Council members – Alan Albers, Jason Osner, Chris Schaller.  Aaron Murphy arrived at 6:45 p.m.  Greg Graffman, attorney. David Steffen, city clerk.  Guests: Scott Morgan, Monte Rose, Tamara Simpson
Mayor Kobbe stated that a quorum was present and called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
Agenda –  Motion by Schaller, second by Osner, to approve the agenda with two additions: 1) street paving and 2) June 18th K-West youth community conversation.  Motion carried, 3/0.
Minutes –  Motion by Albers, second by Osner, to approve the minutes of the April 30, 2012 meeting as written.  Motion carried, 3/0.
Public Comment – none
Items requiring legal counsel –
Swimming Pool & ADA requirements– Mr. Graffman advised the council that no change had been made in the deadline for the new ADA accessibility requirements for the pool. Consensus of the council was for the clerk to continue to obtain price quotes on a lift system to be installed at the pool, which the council will consider at the next regular meeting.
Water Project update – Surveyors are continuing work in town, after which the engineers will design the project.
106 N. Main – The building has been inspected for asbestos, none was found. Report attached to minutes.
Streets – Chris Schaller gave an update on the improvements planned for Santa Fe.  The culvert elbow and extension are on order. Rural Township will provide the use of their road grader and some rock to use in building up the road.  The work will wait until after harvest.
Street paving – Alan Albers relayed a request to install curb and guttering and pave the 300 block of North Douglas.  The City Attorney will bring information on the procedure to follow to for petitioning for these improvements to the next regular council meeting.
Golf Carts – Consensus of the Council was for the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance to permit the use of golf carts within the city limits.  The council will consider the ordinance at the next regular meeting.
Executive Session – Motion by Schaller, second by Murphy, for members of the governing body, the clerk, attorney, and Scott Morgan to meet in executive session for 7 minutes to discuss matters pertaining to non-elected personnel.  Motion carried, 4/0.  The above met in executive session from 6:50 to 6:57 p.m. at which time the meeting returned to open session.
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Mayor Kobbe stated that no action had been taken in the executive session.
Annual appointments by Mayor – Mayor Kobbe made the following appointments:
Water & Sewer commissioners (2):     Frank Strohl & Alan Albers
Street commissioner:     Jason Osner
Parks & Swimming Pool commissioners (2):     Aaron Murphy & Chris Schaller
Community Center Board representative: Roberta Kobbe
Recreation Commission (5): Tina Meyers, Scott Huhman, Bart Ricke, Travis Thimesch, Neil Freund
Tree Board (3): Eric Meyers, Patty Hensley, Rita Strohl
Clerk: David Steffen
Treasurer:Lois Becker
Attorney: Curtis Watkins (Giesert, Wunsch, Watkins & Graffman)
Official Depository:  First National Bank, Cunningham
Official Newspaper: The Cunningham Courier
League of Municipalities delegate: Frank Strohl
LKM alternate: Alan Albers
Council approved the appointments by unanimous vote.
President of the Council – Motion by Murphy, second by Osner, for Frank Strohl to be President of the Council.  Motion carried, 4/0.
Fire Department – The fire department will request an extension for the grant (for scene lighting) awarded last year by the South Central Community Foundation.
Animal Control – Tamara Simpson reported on animal control activity for the past month and requested a change in the city policy regarding collection of impoundment fees.  The City Attorney will review the ordinance and recommend revisions at the next council meeting.
Swimming Pool – The lifeguards are completing training this week.  The city pool is scheduled to open Friday.
Planning & Zoning – The City Planning Commission met Thursday and will continue work on the Comprehensive Plan during the summer.
Economic Development – Albers commented that K-West for Growth will hold a “youth conversation” to review surveys recently completed by area young people.  The conversation will be held at 6:00 p.m., June 18, at the Cunningham Community Center.  Plans are to include a free swim, hamburger fry, and possibly a sand volleyball tournament that day.  Albers asked if the city would be willing to sponsor the free swim and possibly the hamburger fry.   Motion by Murphy, second by Osner, for the City to provide use of the pool, including paying of lifeguards, and to pay for the supplies needed for the hamburger fry for the June 18th K-West Youth Conversation.  Motion carried, 4/0.
4th of July – Consensus of the Council was for the City to continue to help sponsor the Hamburger Fry on the 4th of July at the Community Center.
Maintenance – Weeds in the west city park, football field, water tower park, and around City Hall have been sprayed by Brian Van Campen of VC Custom Lawn Care. The mowing of the grass in the ball park was discussed. The fescue grass will not be mowed too short in order to maintain a stand for the football field, which will result in grass taller than is ideal for baseball or softball outfields.  The council discussed the need to consider re-seeding the football field.
Areas in need of mowing were discussed.  By consensus of the council, only property within the city limits will be mowed by city personnel.
Financial Report & Payment of Bills—Motion by Schaller, second by Osner, to pay bills as presented.  Motion carried, 4/0.
Adjourn –  Mayor Kobbe adjourned the meeting at 7:43 p.m.

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