Uncategorized — 28 April 2012

Months ago Zenda Telephone Company announced that it was going to embark on a fiber construction project in order to continue to provide its customers with excellent telecommunications offerings.  Today, Zenda Telephone Company is very pleased to announce that phase one of the project is set to begin.
Phase 1 of the project will include a detailed measurement and staking of all of the fiber cable routes in the exchange.  This will begin in late April.  Zenda Telephone Company has engaged the services of RVW Engineering to assist in the design and construction of the project.  During Phase 1, you will see employees of RVW Engineering working through the exchange.  Once the measurements are completed, the cable and associated equipment will be ordered.  It is anticipated that cable installation will begin in the Fall of 2012.
Zenda Telephone Company will contact each of its customers in the coming weeks to schedule a meeting in May or early June to discuss fiber line and equipment placement on their property. Should you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact the Zenda Telephone Company at 620-243-5531
ZTC is proud to be bringing this state-of-art communications network to the customers in the Zenda area.

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